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Murder in the Adirondacks bigger and better in 2015

"Murder in the Adirondacks," Craig's 1986 best-selling account of the Chester Gillette - Grace Brown murder case of 1906 has been completely re-written and updated for republication in 2015.

The new edition has 150 photos, many of which have not been published in over 100 years. The updated version of "the murder that will never die" includes information about the 2006 centennial, the 2005 opera, the 2007 publication of Chester's prison diary as well as new details about Chester's early life in Hawaii and the states of Washington, California and Ohio.

The book will have a new cover and a new look and for the first time will be available as an e-book. Look for it in 2015 from North Country Books.



The new town history

The town of Stratham, N.H. selected Craig to write a new history of the town for its 300th anniversary in 2016.

The result is now available. It's a very readable, anecdotal history, full of intersting and fun-to-read articles rather than the dull collectons of names and events that make up a traditional town history.

"All of those lists of names belong on the web where they can be updated as necessary," he said. "What I made is a book that's meant to be read and that's fun to read."

The softcover version is available at the Wiggin Memorial Library and in local book stores. Upcoming is a hardcover edition. It's also available on Amazon.



A new documentary film about the Gillette murder case called "North Woods Elegy: Incident at Big Moose Lake" features extensive interviews with Craig. Produced by Derek Taylor of Southern Connecticut University, it also features actors portraying Chester, Grace and other characters. It's accurate, very well done and a fine addition to the Gillette collection! Please go see it if you get the chance! You can take a look at the trailer for the film here.



11/8/13 -- "Monadnock The Mountain That Stands Alone," a new documentary film for which I wrote the screenplay based on my book "Monadnock: More Than a Mountain" is coming together at the Rabbit Ears Films studio on Washington Street in Keene.

It will be a 90-minute portrait of the mountainwith emphasis on how it was preserved from loggers and developers. We hope to have it ready to show at the Monadnock Film Festival in 2016. Dan White of Florentine Films is doing the editing and the music was composed by Lawrence Siegel based on his "Monadnock Tales" music.

You can take a look at the film's trailer here. Or check out the film's web page here.



Electric Chair Book in Paperback

Craig Brandon's 1999 book, The Electric Chair: An Unnatural American History, has been republished by McFarland & Company as a paperback with a brand new cover design, replacing the old, plain, red one.






"Murder in the Adirondacks," Craig's 1986 book about the Chester Gillette - Grace Brown murder case of 1906 was chosen by the readers of Cayuga County N.Y. as the "Cayuga Reads" selection for 2010.

Cayuga Reads is a pro-literacy group that selects a book by popular vote and its members then read the book and share their comments at public meetings.

The book was selected for Amsterdam Reads, a similar program in Amsterdam, N.Y. in 2009. Craig will make a presentation to Cayuga Reads in Auburn N.Y. in October 2010.

The book is about the true murder case that Theodore Dreiser used for his novel "An American Tragedy."


Listen to Craig talk about his books on Public Radio!

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The Five-Year Party

Gillette Murder Case

Mount Monadnock

The Electric Chair

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The Five-Year Party Takes the Silver Prize in Education at Book of the Year Awards

ForeWord Reviews has named The Five-Year Party the silver prize winner in the education category for its 2010 Book of the Year awards.

Representing more than 350 publishers, the winners were selected from 1400 entries in 56 categories. These books are examples of independent publishing at its finest.

The winners were determined by a panel of librarians and booksellers selected from their readership. Gold, Silver, and Bronze winners, as well as Editor’s Choice Prizes for Fiction and Nonfiction were announced at a special program at the ALA Annual Conference in New Orleans.

ForeWord's Book of the Year Awards program was created to spotlight distinctive books from independent publishers. What sets the awards apart from others is that final selections are made by real judges—working librarians and booksellers—based on their experiences with patrons and customers.



College tuition is increasing faster than gasoline or health care, but the quality of education is declining. For those who attend only for the five years of parties, education is optional. Students have the time of their lives while running up student loan debts that will take decades to pay off.

Based on five years of research and Craig's 12 years of experience at a party school in New England, it's written for parents who have no idea how little they are getting for their money. Half of the freshman class drops out before graduation and much of that tuition money goes for administrative salaries and buildings that have nothing to do with education. It takes six years for the average student to complete a four-year program.

After graduation, students who were promised high paying jobs are forced to take high school level jobs while paying off tens of thousands of dollars in college loans.

To read more about it, check out the Five Year Party page.


12/7/13 -- My op-ed on party school riots in the Keene Sentinel.

2/6/2013 - Craig's 2007 book about Mt. Monadnock helps connect property owners with the mountain's history in the Winter, 2013 issue of Forest Notes, published by the SPNHF. pg. 20

9/9/12 - "Good Night Irene," Craig's newest book, was the lead item in the Boston Globe's New England book news column today.

7/15/12 - Craig's newest book "Good Night Irene" is now available. Ask for it at your local bookshop, order it from Amazon or from the online bookstore at Surry Cottage Books. ! It's the story of the 2011 tropical storm that devastated three states. With three authors, three states and a dozen photographers, it was a complicated undertaking! Read more about it here.

12/15/11- Craig is writing the Wilmington, Brattleboro and Schoharie, chapters for the new book Good Night Irene, about the Aug. 28 tropical storm. It will be published by Surry Cottage Books in June.

11/25/11 US News and World Report's Debate Club feature invited Craig and 11 other higher ed experts to answer the question "Is a college degree still worth it?" You can read the results and cast a vote for me here.

10/25/11 Craig will introduce the new documentary "North Woods Elegy: Incident at Big Moose Lake" about the Gillette case on 11/4/11 at Herkimer County Community College. Craig is interviewed throughout the film, which was directed and produced by Derek Taylor, a film professor at Southern Connecicut University. Don't miss it!

6/12/11 Craig has been appointed by the Town of Stratham, N.H. to rewrite the town's official history book for its 300th birthday in 2016.

5/1/11 Craig has been hired to write the script for the documentary film "Monadnock: The Mountain that Stands Alone" for the Rabbit Ears Films of Keene, N.H.

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