Chester sentenced to die in the electric chair

Grace Brown's school photo

George Ward, district attorney

Grace Brown

Chester Gillette

Chester testifies at his trial in Herkimer NY

The Jury

Albert Mills, defense attorney

The many versions of the Gillette story

A checklist by Craig Brandon

Non-Fiction Books:

Murder in the Adirondacks by Craig Brandon, North Country Books, 1986, updated 2006.

Grace Brown's Love Letters, Citizen Publishing Co. 1906.

History of the Gillette Murder Trial and Grace Brown's Love Letters  by Granville S. Ingraham, published by Charles E. Garlock 1907. 

Adirondack Tragedy by Joseph Brownell, Heart of the Lakes, 1986.

Death was the Bridegroom by Charles Samuels, Fawcett, 1955.

Grace Brown's Love Letters edited by Craig Brandon, Surry Cottage Books, 2006.

The Prison Diary and Letters of Chester Gillette, by Jack Sherman and Craig Brandon, Couper Press 2008.


An American Tragedy by Theodore Dreiser, 1925.

A Northern Light by Jennifer Donnelly (young adult) 2003.

Documentary Films:

"A North Woods Elegy: Incident at Big Moose Lake," by Derek Taylor 2011.


"An American Tragedy" by Patrick Kearney, 1927.

"An American Tragedy: The Trial of Clyde Griffiths" by Erwin Piscator, 1936.

"Chester and Grace" by Glenn Allen Smith, 1991, performed in Cortland and Ilion N.Y.

"People vs. Gillette" trial re-enactment by Jack Sherman, 2006.

"My Dear Chester" dramtic reading of the letters by Jack Sherman, 2006.
Motion Pictures:

"An American Tragedy," Paramount Pictures, 1931.

"A Place in the Sun," Paramount Pictures, 1951.

Television Programs:

"Murder at Big Moose?" 1988, WCNY Syracuse, for PBS.

"Grace's Ghost," episode of Unsolved Mysteries, 1996.

"Crimes in Time" The History Channel 1997.


"The Ballad of Big Moose Lake" folk song, circa 1910.

"Entreating" by Maude E. Gould of Ilion, N.Y. 1907. 

"Grace Brown" by Gene Clayton and Spare Parts. Bluegrass song, 2006    

"Boom Town" by Pamme Swan, to listen to it go to   


"An American Tragedy" music by Tobias Picker, libretto by Gene Scheer
           premiered at the Metropolitan Opera, December 2, 2005.

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